Scamorza Affumicata

Scamorza cheese is a spun paste (pasta filata family) “scamozzare” from Italian verb it means “to take a part off”.

Our cheese-makers divide the spun paste with their own hands, working and shaping it in its traditional pear shape with a bottleneck at the top.
This is sometimes referred to as “strangling” the cheese.

These Scamorza forms are then usually tied in pairs, left to dry and then put through a brief natural smoking process.

In Italy, Scamorza is more commonly made in the south rather than the north. Technically, Scamorza is a product of Puglia, where it is made throughout Bari Province

Scamorza can be substituted for mozzarella in most dishes as can any other cheese but the resulting taste will be much stronger and dominant.
It is reputed to melt better in baking and under the grill.
Using the smoked variety (Scamorza Affumicata) adds a nice background flavor in replacement of mozzarella.

Natural hot-smoking. All our curd cheeses are smoked with the traditional natural hot-smoking system, done in smoke-house, exposing the product for a short time to wood smoke produced in special burners by wood shaving mixes (manuka myrtle) . Hot-smoking is the most traditional and sure method for obtaining a product with the typical colour and nice smoked taste.