Fresh (fiordilatte)
Generally sold in balls of different sizes, this mozzarella has a moisture content of 60%. It is soft, mild and tastes of fresh milk. Pearls of milky whey seep out when you slice into it.

Our Fresh Mozzarella is made in smaller batches, from whole milk and has a softer, buttery texture and a delicate flavor. It’s delicious served raw with ripe, farm-fresh tomatoes or as part of an antipasto platter. It is a “stretched-cured” cheese meaning that during the manufacturing process the curd is pulled, kneaded and shaped while it is still pliable. Therefore, it absorbs the flavors and juices of the ingredients surrounding it and is perfectly designed for cooking. Mozzarella is also low in fat; therefore, it is ideal to use when dieting.

There are many ways to enjoy mozzarella. Of course, it’s a basic ingredient in some of the world’s most famous foods, namely pizza and other Italian dishes, primarily lasagne. In winter, a simple slice of the fresh, milky-tasting cheese on a piece of toast is heaven itself, while in summer, it marries beautifully with fresh tomatoes and basil leaves.

NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2017

Champion Fresh Unripened Cheese Award & Gold Medal – Mozzarella Log

NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2016

Gold Medal – Mozzarella 

Gold Medal – Bocconcini

NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2015

Gold Medal – Mozzarella 

Silver Medal – Bocconcini

Silver Medal – Cherry Bocconcini

Available: cherry bocconcini “ciliegine” (8-9gr each), bocconcini (25gr each), mozzarella (125 gr each) on special requests we are happy to accommodate and hand-make larger sizes, 250 to 1kg.



BocconciniCherry Bocconcini