Burrata & Stracciatella

Fresh Burrata
The name “burrata” means “buttered” in Italian.

Generally sold in balls of different sizes through-out southern Italy (Puglia) where Burrata takes birth, our retail tub is 125gr perfect in size for two. Burrata has a moisture content of 75%, (member of pasta filata family). It is soft, mild and tastes of fresh milk and delightful cream. Shreds of Stracciatella & cream seep out when you slice into delicate walls of pasta filata (being mozzarella).

Originally hailing from south of Italy, Andria (48km North of Bari). This cheese is believed to be created around 1920’s however some say as early as 1900’s.
Certainly becoming more popular in Italy in 80’s and outside of the country in 90’s and most recently in US and now Australia and New Zealand appearing more frequently on menu’s as one of feature dishes. It has always been considered as artisanal and premium cheese.

NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2017
Silver Medal – Burrata

NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2015

Gold Medal – Burrata Results


NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2016

Silver Medal – Truffle Burrata Results

Additionally Juliet Harbutt selected our Burrata to appear in her recent edition of ‘World of Cheeses’ available here for purchase. (page 336)