Buffalo Mozzarella

Fresh Mozzarella from Buffalo milk

Our beautiful buffalo Mozzarella is produced from a locally owned buffalo herd in Whangaripo Valley. Buffalo Mozzarella is different to that of cow’s milk is originally from the West coast of Italy, Campana, it dates back to when water buffalos were brought to Italy by Goths during the migrations of the early medieval period. Now they are bred widely through our the world including New Zealand.

Handmade in small batches and packed in slightly salted brine. Wonderful starter to any meal with tomatoes and basil. Our buffalo Mozzarella is produced in 125gr. Buffalo mozzarella is a white creamy cheese with a very thin rind. When cut, it should ooze milk and have a sweet flavor with just a hint of sourness.

Whangaripo Buffalo Co. describes they heard leading a beautiful life – ” We keep them happy and they supply us with beautiful white milk for cheese making. We keep things simple with no sprays or chemicals used on the farm and are rewarded with an abundance of wildlife where everything has its own place. Insect pests are eaten by wild turkeys, quail and pheasants. Moreporks are a nightly lullaby and our honeybees are thriving.”

NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2018
Bronze Medal – Buffalo Mozzarella

NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2013

Gold Medal – Buffalo Mozzarella Results


NZ Specialty Cheeses Association Awards 2016

Silver Medal – Buffalo MozzarellaResults


Thanks Whangaripo Buffalo Co.

Buffalo Mozzarella tub